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My take on The Half-Blood Prince

I didn't feel as sad at the end as I would have expected when Dumbledore died. I think it was in part because of all the talk about horcruxes. I have this feeling like he's got one somewhere and isn't truly DEAD dead. Like Rowling will come up with a way to bring him back around. And that Snape was aware of all this too and he had a deal with Dumbledore to do him in to keep the charade going against Voldemort. As much as I want to hate Snape and distrust him, I always feel he's not really bad at the core. Conflicted certainly. I was more sad about Aragog dying, which is weird. I'm a sobber with books and movies. I just watched Prisoner of Azkaban again and was all teary-eyed through the last parts.
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