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Harry Potter Storyline Theories: What Do You Think
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This community is for those interested in the Harry Potter novels. A community to discuss your ideas, theories, spoilers, rumors, potential future developments you'd like to see....

If you're not interested in the Harry Potter series then this isn't likely the place you'll want to linger. Most people either love it or hate it. While everyone is welcome to discuss their thoughts about it all, anyone showing abusive behavior will be removed from the community and banned. You'll be warned of course, but there's always a line of tolerance with such behavior.

I made this community after having read the latest installment, The Half-Blood Prince. Everyone in the house wants to read it but I'm one of the first so I can't very well talk about it all to those who haven't read it. I COULD but I won't. So here I am, hoping some of you out there will feel like talking about where you see things going in future books.

WARNING: Spoilers may abound, so if you haven't read all the books, you've been warned.